December 12, 2012

Holiday Office Party Etiquette

Ah, the office holiday party. It’s like the holidays, themselves. You can’t keep it from happening, so you may as well get on the train and stamp your ticket to merry-ville.

Holiday office parties can be a lot of fun. You spend quite a bit of time with the people you work with. An end of the year holiday celebration is a great way to thank employees and let down your hair…Halfway. If you stick to a few golden rules, you can enjoy the party and be able to show your face the next day.

  1. Attend the party – Going to your office party shows that you’re a team player and that you like hanging out with your co-workers. It’s also perfect for networking and getting some priceless time with the head honcho.
  2. Conduct yourself accordingly – There’s nothing wrong with dancing, dining and drinking. As long as you do everything in moderation. Give yourself a drink minimum and stick to it. Remember, this is an office party. Not your neighbor’s party.
  3. Ask, if you don’t know – Can you bring a guest? Is there a dress code? Will there be a cab service provided? Not knowing the answers to these questions may bring on embarrassing, and unforgettable, situations you can’t take back.
  4. Talk minimal business – It is a party so even though it’s okay to talk work, make sure it’s at a minimum. You don’t want to be the person who talked everyone’s ears off about the latest software update.
  5. Network – Use this time of merriment to casually network with those in your company who could lend a hand up the ladder. Again, don’t go overboard. Be entertaining and professional.
  6. Enjoy yourself – You’ve worked hard all year, so take this time to enjoy yourself. Be in the moment and act genuine.
  7. Say thank you – Don’t forget to thank the person or persons who put the whole party together. Take the extra step and send a thank you card. Or, better yet, send them a Plaxo eCard. They’ll appreciate the thought.
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