November 20, 2012

Stay Contact Current

The end of the year is known for long nights, brisk days and holiday celebrations. But, this time of year is also known for major career changes. It’s a time when people leave their current positions to begin a new endeavor elsewhere. With so much shuffling going on, it’s important to stay up to date on all of your contacts’ information.

If you are one of the many who use Plaxo (and why wouldn’t you?) then coming to terms with updating your online address book is easy as pie. You don’t have to concern yourself with new changes (company, social media, etc.) because Plaxo does it all for you by automatically updating all of your contact’s information. The service proactively looks for old, outdated and missing information and updates as needed, even filling in the missing gaps. You can also say goodbye to those pesky duplicate entries when using Plaxo because it automatically merges those for you.

One of the amazing benefits of using Plaxo is the ability to sync your address book. The same applies for updates. When information in your address book is updated, the new information appears in all of your devices. You’re guaranteed the most up to date information available to you wherever you are.

And if you are the one who’s getting that awesome promotion or who’s moving on to a new company or even your own business, then Plaxo is the only service you should consider when you want your friends, family and colleagues to know with Plaxo’s Contact CardSharing tool. You can easily update your contact information and share some or all of it with whomever you wish – Plaxo sends them an update email for you.

Changing jobs is an exciting time. Join in the celebration knowing that your contact’s latest information is automatically updated, stored securely and is always at your side with Plaxo.

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