October 29, 2012

Scary Ways to do Business

In honor of Halloween, the spookiest time of year, we thought it would be fun to come up with a few scary ways on how to run your business.

1. Using an actual hard business card

Wow! They still make those? It would be pretty scary to give your business card to someone only for it to end up in the trashcan (where it usually does). Don’t be frightened to replace your old, hard, doesn’t-fit-in-my-pocket business card for a savvy Online Business Card with Plaxo. You can create your own online business card with your very own URL (mine happens to be redgee.myplaxo.com). Publish what you want, including your social media info. and you’re all set. How cool is that?

2.  An unprofessional looking logo and a wacky website

In case you hadn’t figured this one out yet, if you have a logo that looks like it was made by your 7-year-old niece, it’s time for a new one. Your logo is usually the first thing a customer or client sees. Do you want it to represent your company or look like it should be taped to your refrigerator door next to the grocery list? And, if your website’s design and functionality harkens back to the time when websites were first introduced (flashing content, every color in the world, count display, etc.) then I beg you to stop it. Just thinking about those sites give me the creeps.

3. Out of date contacts (Yikes!)

Something keeping you up at night? Maybe it’s your outdated contacts. Trying to reach a client without having their new information is beyond frustrating; it could cost you that big deal. People move, change jobs, update phone numbers and emails. Instead of losing sleep over it, take advantage of Plaxo’s online address book. It updates your contacts automatically and can be accessed anywhere in the cloud.

4. Not appreciating your customers (Boo!)

Bad service scares away your customers. Yet, bad service takes place all the time. Your customers and clients are the reason your business is a success or a failure. You may offer an amazing product, but if you treat your clientele like ghosts, you may as well kiss them (and your business) goodbye. Care for your customers like they are the stars in your epic movie. Not like they’re Person #2 in a bad horror flick.

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  • http://www.unitedvirtualoffice.com/ David Nikolic

    Hey great ideas of doing business in a fun way. With the coming of Halloween round the corner, i am sure these ideas will be fun.