September 24, 2012

Keep in Touch While Away at School

It’s that special time of year again when young minds are off to college in pursuit of higher education, and a few other things. It’s an exciting time for many. You get that taste of independence, freedom and the hope that when you leave your beloved educational institution, the world will be yours.

But, before you learn to conquer the universe you’ll want to first conquer the miles between you and your friends and family. While your parents may have had to actually write letters and make long distance calls home when they were at school, you get to text, tweet, post, email, and yes, sometimes call to keep in touch. Isn’t technology grand?

You may not put too much thought into the whole keeping in touch thing, but you’ll soon realize its importance in your collegiate life. Having the ability to communicate via social media, emails and the like, is priceless. It helps you stay in touch across the miles and it helps the loved ones left behind keep in tune with your life away from home. A simple post, photo or even a call can do wonders for both parties. And, with an app like BirthdayGram you won’t have to worry about sending another generic birthday wish. This awesome app lets you record a personal birthday video wish on Facebook that is delivered on the big day. You can even invite your friends and family to get in on the fun by recording their own birthday greeting. So, even though the miles may be between you, it doesn’t mean your birthday wish should show it.

It’s never been easier to stay in touch these days so use it to your advantage. Because, we could all use a little bit of home now and then.

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