August 2, 2012

How to Reconnect with Past Clients

It’s been awhile since you spoke to some of your old clients. Okay, a long, long while. Maybe you got busy, or they moved, or you just simply lost touch with them. Whatever the reason may have been, it happened and now you find yourself wanting to reconnect, reach out to them, but don’t know how to do it.

Getting in touch with one of your past clients after several months (or years?) can be a little daunting for some. You have to try and connect with someone you haven’t spoken with in awhile and you’re really not sure what kind of reception they’re going to give you. You kind of have to be prepared for anything, really.

There are several ways to reconnect. The easiest is through social media. Outlets like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn make it pretty painless to locate individuals. Connecting with them via social media is a great stepping stone to an actual voice / in person conversation. Once you make the connection with your former client on the social media level, follow up with a phone call. Your recent online conversation will pave the way for an expected and productive communication.

For a more direct approach just pick up the phone. A call is going to happen at some point, so why not cut to the chase and dial the number? I like to have a specific reason for the reach out, such as I saw a piece on them in the local magazine (my favorite), or I ran into a former colleague who asked about them, etc. You get the idea. That way it doesn’t feel so much like a cold call, but more like a friendly catch up.

Consider doing something different like surprising your former client during the holidays with a gift, or send them wishes on their birthday. They’ll be thrilled you remembered their birthday (who isn’t?). You can kick it up a notch by using Comcast’s BirthdayGram app (brought to you by the same team that brought you Plaxo). It allows you to create a birthday greeting video on Facebook (or online) that is then delivered on the big day. Your client gets a memorable birthday wish they weren’t expecting. It’s personal, fun and a great way to break the long-time-no-speak ice.

If you put a little creativity into getting in touch with old clients, they’ll appreciate the effort and remember why they liked working with you in the first place!


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