July 30, 2012

The Benefits of Taking a Vacation

When was the last time you took a few days off? If it takes longer than five seconds to answer this question, that can only mean that it’s been awhile since your face has seen something other than your place of work during normal business hours.

Countless studies have shown that taking a vacation is incredibly beneficial. Yet, it has been engrained in us that taking time off is a bad thing and something to feel guilty about. It’s even become a badge of honor to not take your vacation days. “I haven’t had a day off since…”, like it’s something to be proud of.

In the United States, employees are typically provided with fourteen paid vacation days. In Europe? Twenty days of paid vacation. Yes, Americans are hard working. But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t play hard, too. Here are a few reasons why you should take that vacation:

  1. It’s a health benefit. Take your vacation days, live longer.
  2. Time off inspires creativity. We come up with our best ideas when we’re relaxed.
  3. Taking days off actually improves your work performance. You’re not stressed, overworked or burnt out.
  4. It’s good to reward yourself. Say goodbye to the guilt and hello to the “I deserve this!”
  5. Your friends, family and co-workers will thank the reinvigorated you.

Even if you take a stay-cation, go enjoy and relax!

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    Exactly. Thanks for reminding. It’s will work as a reminder for me. Thanks again. 

  • Mrs. Dickens

    As growing up in Europe and then spending my teenage years in the states, I could really notice what a difference exists between the two continents, as people in Europe were constantly looking to find a way to get a vacation, even if it is unpaid one, while the Americans are not prone to that and my husband is the example for that- he has about 72 days, out of I do not know how many years and I really do not know when he will start taking them! Vacation is essential and I can not without it,especially now in the summer!