July 2, 2012

July 4th Celebration

Fourth of July is upon us, once again. For many, the American holiday translates to a day off from work (if you’re lucky) to honor our Independence Day. Now, how we choose to celebrate America’s birthday is completely up to us. Yes, it is a birthday, but it’s a birthday like no other.

So, how do you say “happy birthday” to America? Well, you can have a party, of course! In lieu of a birthday cake, set your sights on the grill. Instead of wax candles, take in a fireworks show to see candles torch the sky with the most amazing display. And, in place of presents, show your appreciation by honoring those who fought for our country, ensuring we’d have another birthday to celebrate. Research your local organizations who give back to your military community to see how you can donate.

Whether you take a vacation to the beach, camp in the mountains, have a poolside picnic, attend your city’s parade, take the family to see the latest blockbuster or relax at home with your DVR (Comcast, of course!), it’s important to celebrate America’s Independence Day. Be proud to be red, white and blue!

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  • Anonymous

    4th of july, the day when America got its independence. This day should be celebrated with friends and family. It is marked as a national holiday, and it is important for every american to celebrate this day with great happiness, joy and show love, harmony and brotherhood amongst each other.