June 4, 2012

Your Company’s Online Personality

A personality is something that is developed over time. It begins to rear it’s adorable head when you’re a tiny tot until it fully represents who you are as an adult. Unfortunately, your company’s personality doesn’t get the benefit of years to fully develop. It needs to be established from inception and promoted from within.

When I say online personality, I’m talking about the whole shebang: website, blog, social media and electronic newsletters. Some people think an online personality is conveyed strictly through social media, and although that is an important part of it, your whole online world needs a personality. It’s important to determine this first before you create your website, send out a tweet and write your first company blog. Are you professional, entertaining, informative, casual or a combination of a few? That’s fine. Remember, the goal is not to be everything to everybody. If you try and do that, your users / clients / customers / followers will see right through you. You want to be authentic, genuine. Your online voice should be the same as your offline voice. In other words, act online as you would in person.

Once you establish your online personality, it should be consistent throughout all of your platforms. What you don’t want is multiple online personalities. For example, you sell office supplies, but you tweet about American Idol. Huh? Now, I’m not advocating that you should strictly blog and tweet about office supplies 24/7. (In fact, that is something that you do not want to do. No one wants to follow a company that only talks about their agenda.) What I’m saying is, be consistent in your message. Your online personality is the voice of your brand.

In all aspects of your business, it’s key to make a connection. This is easy to do in person, but really requires special attention online. Encourage dialogue with your users via your company blog, newsletters and social media platforms. Again, if you constantly “sell” your company’s product using these tools, you will lose. It’s like having a friend who only talks about themselves. Not a very good friend, right?

Your online personality is your company. What does yours say about you?

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