June 18, 2012

How to Overcome Work Block

I’m having a difficult time writing this. It’s taken me forever to put together these two sentences down when it hits me: I’m suffering from writer’s block. It’s quite common and somewhat expected, I think. But, writers aren’t the only ones who can find themselves “stuck” when it comes to work. A majority of us, no matter our field, can suddenly feel like we can’t get anything done. Our brain shuts down, we can’t seem to get motivated, we feel stuck and a bit lost about the whole thing.

If this sounds familiar at all, chances are you’ve suffered from work block – the inability to, well, work. For some reason, you’re not clicking along anymore and your work (and yourself) is suffering because of it. Although the cause of work block is hard to determine, there are things you can do to get out of the debilitating haze.

  1. Don’t beat yourself up – If you get a case of work block, don’t be so hard on yourself. It happens to more people than you think and coming down on yourself for it will not make it any easier or help you recover any quicker. In fact, it only adds negativity to an already stressful situation.
  2. Mix it up – That same old work routine can become a hindrance to some. Rearranging your schedule gives you a fresh approach to your workday.
  3. Get creative – Instead of trying to figure out how you came to be blocked, shift gears and put together a few creative ideas for your business. Design a new landing page, write a company newsletter, start a business blog, etc. Getting those creative juices flowing can lead to amazing things.
  4. Communicate – There’s nothing wrong about sharing the fact you have work block. You might be surprised at how much people are willing to help you through it and you may even get some pretty fantastic advice from those who were in your shoes.

Remember, a block is temporary. With patience and understanding, you will soon overcome your work block and get down to business.

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    You’re perfectly saying. Actually I find myself in this case doing all these thing unconsously as you’re asking. It’s really amazing. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/pcmethods Peter Hart Heinicke

    Work block can be a symptom of a different sort of problem like depression. I think one technique to tell which is which is to think if you would be excited to do something different like the creative ideas in the third bullet point, or if that would also be awful. If that would also “not get your juices flowing”, you might need some help from a doctor or therapist.