May 16, 2012

Make Birthday Wishes More Meaningful

Say hello to BirthdayGram. The new way to mark meaningful birthday wishes. Wishing loved ones “happy birthday” is an important part of being a good friend, family member and colleague. Yet, the way we’ve celebrated birthdays in the past has evolved through the years.

Handwritten letters, physical birthday cards, and telegrams have recently given way to phone calls, text messages, eCards, and “happy birthday” posts on Facebook—and yet sometimes, especially for those closest to us, we’re losing the personal touch that made birthday wishes memorable.

I along with some other folks in the Comcast Silicon Valley office wanted to make recognizing birthdays mean something more by leveraging the power of smartphones, the popularity of Facebook, but with the human touch that we each appreciate.

So we created BirthdayGram™, a fun and simple way to celebrate a friend’s birthday with a surprise video of personal wishes from you and your friends.

I’ve heard from countless Plaxo customers that you love our birthday email reminders and with BirthdayGram you can bring similar functionality to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

You’re one of the very first to hear about this, so get the BirthdayGram app today and make your next birthday wish more meaningful.

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Preston Smalley

GM and Head of Product

As GM I head the product and marketing teams. I also am an Entrepreneur at Comcast Silicon Valley where Plaxo operates. Former user experience design and product strategy leader from eBay with MBA from UC Berkeley.

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    BirthdayGram seems really valuable application. It is really great to have the opportunity to greet friends with more meaningful messages.