May 18, 2012

Let Plaxo Organize Your Wedding Lists & Help Mail Your Invites

Planning your wedding is sure to bring on excitement, romance, joy and those precious, little moments. Let’s face it, weddings are blissful. But, planning a wedding, not so much.

Take a deep breath and let go. What I mean is, don’t try doing everything yourself (easier said than done, I know). Giving up some of your control is a good thing. So, enlist your friends and family to help with some of the heavy lifting whenever possible. Delegating will do wonders for your planning. Another thing you’ll want to do is utilize available tools that will aide you in keeping as organized as possible.

Take, for example, those pesky wedding lists. They can become overwhelming in a very short period of time. An efficient way to keep your treasured lists organized, automatically updated, easy to sync and all in one spot is with Plaxo. Importing your contact information is a breeze and can be done from multiple sources, including emails, Excel spreadsheets and social networks. And if you have any missing info for your contacts, Plaxo Personal Assistant can help you fill in those missing or out-of-date details. Plus, Plaxo safely merges duplicate entries so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself!

Use Plaxo to create and keep track of all of your invite lists such as the bridal shower list, bachelorette and bachelor party lists and the wedding list. You can also store your wedding contacts for easy access to your florist, tuxedo shop, hair stylist, tailor, bakery, dress boutique, photographer, caterer and the like. Your lists and contact groups can be available on all of your devices so they’re with you at all times. And, don’t forget to take advantage of Plaxo’s partnership with Avery Dennison to create address labels for every wonderful event leading up to and including your big day.

Keep your wedding lists from turning into wedding planning nightmares by smartly organizing them with Plaxo. Join Plaxo today!

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  • Gabriela

    to a successful completion of work does not really do anything for yourself..

  • Gabriela

    to a successful completion of work does not really do anything for

  • Anonymous

    My wedding happened in the fall of 2011 and I would like to share my organization experience with the future brides- not supposing what a burdain I am taking with organizing the whole event all by myself, I had no idea how much I would regret my decision later! The reason for this is one and it is called exhaustion, I was so tired that during the beutifying preparation in the big day I couldn’t help myself and yawned, gladly the euphory that seized me made the celebration a unique experinece. Trust the experts in the field- thus you will enjoy the pure beauty of the big day.