May 3, 2012

How to Transition from Home Office to Corporate Office

There’s a lot of talk about what to expect when you start working from home. No commute, re-balancing your workflow, dealing with home distractions and the like. But, what about those who have been working from home for awhile and now find themselves heading back to the corporate office world? Yes, it’s a big transition to go from an outer office environment to a home office. And, it’s an even bigger transition to leave your comfy home office digs for a space at corporate. Learn how to cope with these tips:

Prepare for extra expenses
You’ll have to budget for things that weren’t a concern from your home office. Your commute costs (gas, public transit) will be a factor. Lunches, attire, dry cleaning and parking costs could also put a ding in your wallet (no more sweats!). Knowing what the average costs of these expenses will be per month will keep you ahead of the money game.

Different work schedule
Say adios to your personal at-home work schedule where you were the only person keeping track of what time you “clocked in” and when you decided to call it quits for the day (or night). You have a new schedule now and are expected to abide by your new office hours. It’ll take some getting used to, but you’ll get the hang of it. And remember, you’re not working from home anymore, so try not to bring too much work home with you.

Office social skills
Joining the corporate world means it’s not all about you anymore. You have office mates now which requires you to be social in your work environment. Take the time to get to know those you work with by asking them out to lunch or after work get together. Communication in the office is essential. Work on your communication skills and always be considerate and respectful of the office space and your co-workers.

Be flexible
Your success will depend on how flexible you are to change. Be aware that taking a job outside of your home means many elements you’re used to will no longer be there. From your commute, to office politics, to taxes and health insurance, to your new home life; a new job can be very stressful as much as it is exciting. Being flexible and open minded will help make that transition a smooth one. The sky’s the limit!

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