April 17, 2012

You Have Nothing to Fear in Tech

I was watching television the other night when I saw a commercial that blew my mind. No, it wasn’t the new trailer for “Prometheus” (although that does look pretty amazing). It was the commercial that featured various people, from kids to adults, talking to their television, telling it to find their favorite program, record a show, etc. Sure, we’ve all talked to our TV at some point hoping that it would respond to our commands, but this particular television actually did just that. It listened to the request and proceeded to take the necessary steps to complete the action.

I know what you’re saying – do we really need a television that we can voice command? The answer to that remains to be seen. But, I’m sure that same question was asked about computers, cell phones, the world wide web, and other technology that has been around for awhile and is now considered tech that we cannot imagine being without.

Advancements in the technological field have made it possible to study and research disease, help someone who lives half way around the world and enrich education, to say the least. And, technological advancements have made it so we don’t have to go to the supermarket (or department store or bookstore or music store), use encyclopedias, buy paper maps or write phone numbers in an address book. And, that’s a good thing. New tech makes us more efficient in our everyday lives. It keeps us on track and moving forward. It allows us to connect with more people, be proactive, better our business and ourselves.

Tech is nothing to fear. Yes, sometimes, it can seem a bit overwhelming but it’s just trying to help you. It betters itself so we can benefit from it and I think that’s a pretty amazing thing.

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  • Karla

    I do not see as so surprising the coming of new type of Tvs that you can talk to, not after the cell phones and the rest of the devices that are already using that method of voice command. New tech has changed our lives in a major way and I am simply judging by things I am capable of doing today in compare with even 10 years ago. So I am totally agree that it is beyond amazing thing:)
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  • Heidy

    I think that at some point of the future we’ll surely be able to perform such voice commands and make out TV-s complete our requests. And I beleive that time is not far in the future, buts just a few decades away.
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