March 16, 2012

Why You Should Delegate Your Work & How To Do It

There are two kinds of people in this world: The ones who ask for help when needed and the ones who need help yet don’t ask for it.

By and large, the person who needs the help, asks for it and gets the necessary aide is going to be the happier, more successful person. But, asking for that help is serious business for some. If the thought of delegating your work is a foreign concept and/or you feel it’s a lot easier and faster to just do everything yourself, well, you must be exhausted!

Here’s why delegating your work is a good thing:

  1. Helps you with leadership – If you never have anyone helping you, then you never have anyone to oversee. Having a person, or people, assisting you helps to develop your leadership skills.
  2. Teaches you how to communicate – Delegating your work helps you communicate more effectively because the art of delegating relies heavily on being able to communicate your exact project needs.
  3. Saves time and stress – Let’s face it, assistance saves you time. When you can rely on someone else to complete a project, or two, your level of stress is bound to decline. Not to mention the amount of time you gain when you don’t have to do everything yourself.

Now that you know why you should delegate, here are a few tips on how to do so:

  1. Play to strengths – Everyone, including yourself, has different strengths and weaknesses.  When assigning tasks, play to your employee’s strengths. That way, their skill level equally matches the task. Remember, you also want to keep each person’s schedule in mind when delegating work. Don’t assign something that needs 5 hours of work when that person can only work 3 hours that day.
  2. Set clear goals – It’s a good idea to let your employee(s) know what’s expected of them (and you). Define each project task and set deadlines. This is where your communication skills come in. The more information that’s included as part of the task, the better. Don’t forget to provide feedback along the way.
  3. Set up a task management system – Having this type of system in play allows everyone to stay on track of projects, progress and their respective deadlines. It’s also a great way to add and delete tasks when necessary. At Plaxo and the Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center, we use Rally within our Agile Scrum process.

Delegating is a smart way to work. It makes you more efficient which can lead to more business and that means more money. So, start delegating already!  And, if you don’t have anyone to delegate to, why don’t you join Plaxo and start consolidating your address book? You never know when you may need someone’s help in the future and you need their contact info!

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  • Itsiamnewbie

    i agree with your idea. somehow, it can be unhealthy for people to just do every aspect in their work. it can be really stressful too. of course, when stress build up, it can be very difficult to think or even decide clearly. as a result, the business will be at risk because of decisions done by cranky people. :)
    i also delegate and this is my success-story . :)