March 28, 2012

Mountain Lion Support thru iCloud / iOS

*** See Update Below ***

As part of our continued improvements to Plaxo, we have decided not to support the upcoming Mountain Lion operating system. This decision was not made lightly. Based on where we see the “post-PC era” going, we are focused on interfacing with Apple via iOS as an iPhone and iPad app only. Plaxo is not investing in making any desktop apps as we believe our future growth lies within mobile and tablets.  As our customer base grows and technology evolves, our strategic initiatives will focus on moving away from the limitations of desktops.

Apple has taken steps to sync their devices’ address books (Macs, MacBooks, iPhones, iPad, etc.) through their own iCloud solution. Given that most Apple-Apple sync will be handled by Apple, we will focus on cross-platform situations using iOS as the bridge. For example, Apple sold more iOS devices in 2011 than they have in their entire history of Macs. So, you can still continue to have your Mac address books synced and still use Plaxo.  Here is a FAQ to sync Plaxo with Mac OS X Lion.

We are focused and excited to share the user experience that we are developing for mobile and tablet customers.  We are busy developing these engaging customer experiences and know that our customers demand and expect nothing less than a world-class experience.  We are up to the challenge and can’t wait to share our final products with you.

Please send us your feedback. We’d love to hear from you.

*** UPDATED *** – You spoke, we listened. Plaxo now supports Mountain Lion as we are recommitting ourselves to our promise of a pervasive and smart address book.  You can call it our “Twinkie Defense“.

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  • Shahid Haque-Hausrath

    This is very disappointing, and it seems like a needless elimination of a service that is being offered already.  Right now, you already support Lion via an application that can sync with the Address Book.  I use Plaxo for my small business.  Desktop syncing is a very important component of my work flow, as I need contacts I add and change on my mobile devices to be available to me on my desktop.  

    It sounds like you are eliminating the desktop application?  When will it stop working?

    I am currently a paid member, with assistant services.  I was happy with the service.  However, when your service stops supporting syncing with my desktop, I will be cancelling the service.

    • plaxocare

      Hi Shahid – For now we do not plan on stopping the sync between Plaxo and Mac. This blog post only explains that we are no longer going to work on fixingupdating the Plaxo toolbar for Mac to work with Lion or the upcoming Mountain Lion.

      Thank you!

      • Boo

        I suggest editing this blog post to make it clear that it is only the Plaxo toolbar that is affected. Much like Shahid, I interpreted this post to mean that Plaxo was dropping support for syncing on the Mac entirely, which would lead me to cancel my Plaxo account.

        • MWHDVM

           I contacted support after my upgrade to Mountain Lion and they told me precisely that support for Mountain Lion would stop. NO SYNC service would be made available after Lion (i.e. Mt. Lion).  He referred me to this blog.  The reason I called in the 1st place was b/c my Contacts app crashed EVERY time I opened it after the upgrade.  Trying to figure out why, I Quit Plaxo sync and reopened my Contacts app without issue.  That’s when I was informed there was going to be no support for Mt. Lion and beyond because iCloud was available for Mac users to sync with their iPhones.  WELL…..I don’t use an iPhone!  I use Android and have an Android tablet too.  Very short sighted on their part.  Will likely result in me cancelling my Platinum Sync since it make Plaxo pointless to me.  I was very happy with Plaxo before and referred many other Mac users to the service.  Not so happy now.

  • Alicia

    Well if you are no longer fixing/updating the toolbar – what happens when glitches happen and it doesn’t sync as well? I think this is ridiculous at this stage – given that the laptop is still – for now – the main tool for businesses, small businesses, homes, etc. It seems a little pre-mature. And if you are no longer supporting perhaps you should consider rolling back your subscription price.

  • Pburban

    So based n what you are saying, so you will not support Windows, cause you are going to focused on mobile or tablets.
    I’m a Mac user with all their product and I chose you because the continuity of your products.

    • plaxocare

      Hi Pburban – Plaxo for windows will not be affected by this change. This is mainly for Mac OSX Mountain Lion and upcoming version of the Mac OS.

      Thank you!

  • Bean

    So, does this mean that if I have a Mac, but I don’t use iCloud and I don’t have an iPad or an iPhone, I will no longer be able to sync with Plaxo?

  • Ferdi

    Your blog is not very clear! Can I still use Plaxo to sync our three iMacs, plus one iPad and one iPhone in the near future or not?
    Since many years Plaxo has been essential for our samll office. It would be really bad, if we would have to cancel our Platinum account. 

    PS: Not all of devices use the same iCloud account, there it is no use for us.

  • platinumuser

    ok, so please advise on this.

    when iCloud was released I was syncing Plaxo across iPhone, Mac and Outlook. Plaxo and iCloud very quickly generated thousands of duplicates which I had to erase manually. To stop this I deleted Plaxo app from iPhone and let iCloud do the sync across Mac and iPhone.

    I guess I should now do the reverse: download the iPhone app and stop syncing from Mac – what is the way to do this to avoid instantaneous duplication of the entire address book?

    • plaxocare

      Yes, you are correct.. The Plaxo for iOS app does work with icloud on the iPhone. You can enable icloud and sync with Plaxo on the iphone simultaneously. Feel free to email me at helpme at plaxo dot com if you have any further questions and I’ll be happy to assist.

      Thank you

  • SmartBugMedia

    You might have shared the vision a bit more.  And I am not going to NOT upgrade becaue of Plaxo, so this tells me that I don’t have to pay for Plaxo anymore.  All that is needed is a nice Mac-based sync with Google and you are hosed. Bad move. 

  • Smithmm

    How is this decision part of your Orwellian “continuing improvements to Plaxo”? I have used Plaxo to sync my Mac with PC’s running Outlook for Windows and Google for my Android Phone for years now.

  • Will O’Neal

    So in the next 12 months, Apple will add 16 million new Mac (desktop and laptop) machines, all sold with Mountain Lion, and most of those to new users. You are going to ignore them completely?

    How about a better statement on how Plaxo integrates with iCloud and keeps me duplicate free?


    This is highly disappointing because using Plaxo as the primary sync point for my Mac to manage contacts b/n the Mac and Google was stable and without duplication of contacts.  Since this change I went ahead and turned sync back on b/n the Apple Contacts app and Google and got 4 copies of all my contacts!  My address book is a mess again and Plaxo was what stopped this disaster in the past.  I’m very disappointed and not sure I’ll keep my Plaxo Platinum account because it’s pointless now to me.  You’re making a big mistake dropping Mac support at a time when Apple has an enormous market share.  I’m an Android phone and tablet user and thus don’t have an iPhone.  It’s short sighted to think that all OS X users are all on iPhones.  Not happy….

    • plaxocare

      Sorry that you are having trouble.. We would love to help you out in cleaning up the duplicate contacts and in organizing your contacts.. Can you please email us with your account details to helpme(at)


    Why are posts not getting posted?  This is looking even worse for Plaxo.  Please post my response.  

    • plaxocare

      Hi There – Your posts have been approved already… All posts are duly moderated as a part of keeping our blog posts free from spam comments – sorry about the delay.