March 20, 2012

Making Your Contacts Work for You

You know that television game show, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”, where the contestant is allowed to call someone they know during the show if they get stuck and need a little help? The host asks the troubled contestant “Would you like to call a lifeline?” And, the contestant usually jumps at the chance because they know the person who is on the other end of that phone is essential. Their lifeline’s expertise on the tricky subject could help forge the contestant on, possibly setting them up to win big bucks. Well, that’s what your contacts are: lifelines.

Whether it’s the president of a corporation or the assistant to the sales director, every person in your book is essential to your success; to one degree or another. Contacts are clients, customers, co-workers, friends (old and new) who play a consistent role in helping you generate leads, opportunities, clients and more contacts. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? Because every contact is almost guaranteed to play a valuable role in your business at one point or another. Maybe your neighbor makes a referral that leads to two more referrals. Or, maybe that assistant to the sales director gets a well deserved promotion and because you have already established and maintained a healthy working relationship with them, you land their next, big ad campaign.

Part of making your contacts work for you is the time you put into them. Invest the time to stay current with the people you know. If you build and work at your relationships, chances are your contacts will stick around for awhile and the benefits you’ll both reap could be quite rewarding.

Now, part of putting this valuable list together means maintaining and updating your contacts. You don’t want to build a priceless contact list on pieces of paper. With Plaxo, all the hard work is done for you. Your lists sync easily to all of your devices with Plaxo Platinum Sync and your contacts get updated automatically with Plaxo Personal Assistant. What a great way to house all of your lifelines.

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