March 22, 2012

How Plaxo Can Be Your Personal Assistant

Keeping your contacts updated on a regular basis is incredibly important to one’s business. Having outdated client information can lead to a complete halt in work productivity. You came across an old number/email and now you have to search for their new information and make sure to update that information in your contact list before moving on to the next task at hand.

Frustrating? Yes. Fixable? Yes. Just get a personal assistant whose only job is to keep your precious address book updated, 24/7 and do it for less than $7 per month. With Plaxo Personal Assistant, this crazy dream can be realized. The Personal Assistant constantly peruses your address book for outdated contact information and then recommends changes from publicly available info so your contact list is as up-to-date as possible.

If some of your contact entries are incomplete (e.g., missing address, email address, etc.) the Plaxo Personal Assistant will strategically locate those unfinished contact entries and use current information to fill in the missing pieces. Genius, right? Basically, you pretty much never have to stress out about whether or not you have updated information and holes in your address book again. Plus, you still get all of the additional great Plaxo tools like the Dedupe Tool (looks for duplicate entries and merges them), the ability to import your address book from numerous sources and the comfort of knowing your address book is extremely secure and something you’ll never lose.

The beauty of Plaxo Personal Assistant is that it’s always working. It’s consistently maintaining your address book with smart features to ensure you never have to question whether the information you have is the right information. Talk about positive workflow. Try a 30-day FREE Trial of Plaxo Personal Assistant today.

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