February 20, 2012

Ways to Wind Down After Work

It’s difficult to say whether or not “after work” really exists anymore. With smartphones, iPads, and the like, attaching us to our jobs 24/7, being able to switch from work person to non-work person isn’t so easy. You almost have to be a superhero to accomplish this type of feat.

But, being able to wind down after work is extremely important. It allows for a much needed separation that is essential in keeping you somewhat sane and reminding you that life isn’t all about work. So, keep these tips in mind when it comes time to say adios to your job for the day.

  1. Recap your Work Day – Before you leave work for the day, it’s smart to do a nice re-cap of the day’s events. Go over what worked for you, what didn’t and what will need to be done tomorrow. This way you’re already mentally prepared for the following work day and you can walk away knowing this, freeing you up of any possible stressful night ahead. Leave work at work and enjoy the rest of your evening.
  2. Turn Off Your Smartphone – I can hear all of you gasping right now. Yes, phones do come equipped with off switches and if you do turn your phone off you’ll still be able to turn it back on, trust me. It’s hard, I know, but you’ll be doing yourself (and your friends and family) a favor by detaching yourself from your work devices after hours. It’s okay to be “present” and not feel like you’re cheating on your work self.
  3. Go Out –  For many of us, we barely see the light of day during work hours. Make up for it later by going out. Meet a friend for a drink or take the family out to eat or go see a good popcorn movie. Think about taking a class (cooking, karate, guitar, dancing) and truly enjoy yourself.
  4. Exercise – Get your body moving and head to your local gym, go for a quick walk, play outside with your kids, clean your bathroom or get together with your sports buddies for a game of basketball, soccer or whatever sport you love to play. Whether a lot or a little, exercise is a great way to de-stress while maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.
  5. Relax – Everyone has their own way of relaxing. For some it’s reading a book, others prefer listening to music, playing a video game (I’m addicted to Words with Friends) or catching up with their favorite shows on the DVR. Whatever your “getaway” is, find a way to do it. It will do wonders for you.

Being in work mode all the time doesn’t really make you a better worker. Allowing yourself some you time actually benefits both your personal and your work life. So, say goodbye to the excuses and have some fun.

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