February 23, 2012

Never forget a face or a birthday with Facebook Sync

You can now add birthdays from your Facebook friends to your Plaxo contacts.
We’ve expanded our popular Facebook Contact Photo Sync to now include birthdays of your friends. Automatically importing your Facebook friends’ birthdays and profile pictures to your address book is now simple!

Facebook allows Plaxo customers to stay in touch with loved ones as well as rekindle business relationships. For example, when viewing contacts in your Plaxo address book online or wherever you use it, you’ll be able to put a name with a face.  This new feature also allows you to get email reminders for birthdays so you can easily send a personalized eCard on your contact’s birthday. Never forget a birthday again!

Set up is simple:
1. Sign in to Plaxo.com and Go to “Settings >> Facebook.” If you aren’t yet a Plaxo member, join here.

2. Checkmark the “Automatically import profile photos from Facebook into your address book” under Friends Profile Photos.

3. Checkmark the “Automatically import birthdays from Facebook into your address book” under Friends Birthdays.

4. Plaxo will then import any birthdays it finds for your Facebook contacts into your Plaxo address book.  [Note: It is up to you how Plaxo handles the situation where you already had a birthday for a contact. We can either leave it alone or override it with the birthday found on Facebook. You’re in control].

5. Each week, we’ll look for new birthdays and add those as well.  Plaxo will continuously look for updated photos and birthdays from Facebook so as it changes or you get new friends/contacts they’ll appear automatically.

6. Plaxo will never add any information to Facebook from your address book and will always give you the option to disconnect from Facebook.

Start syncing for FREE with Facebook today!

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  • http://fandbfood.com/ Sumon Ahmed

    Great post !
    Thanks for the interesting post. I love Plaxo so much because it give us opportunity to share better idea and know many thing by asking question and we may know many thing by reading Plaxo Blog.
    However, Wish to read so special and latest post soon from you.

  • Girish Bhatnagar

    Why the system of free birthday card has been discontinurd?