February 6, 2012

How to Love What You Do: Part 1

“Do what you love.” It’s a concise, simple and easy to understand phrase that tends to throw us into tiny fits of tantrum and can make us question our whole existence. Because, as simplistic as that mantra is, it’s quite difficult to master.

We equate this phrase with what we do for a living. And, if we all did what we love, we would all be artists, musicians, writers, chefs, sports heroes, designers, and you get what I’m talking about. The reality is, we cannot all possibly do what we love and get paid for it. So, instead of harping on trying to find that perfect job, hoping the next one is “it” and getting down on ourselves for not being (insert your dream profession here), learn how to love what you do.

It may not be so easy at first, introducing this new line of thinking to your present work situation. But, with a little practice and a few easy to remember tips, you’ll find that loving what you do can become the norm.

Look for inspiration for you and in what you do
Huh? What I mean is find what inspires you. It could be the meal you ate last night, the new music you just downloaded or a book you recently read. Whatever that thing is that kicks you into gear. Then, apply that same inspiration in what you do. You never know. You could inspire someone in turn.

Don’t worry about what everyone else thinks
Your inner circle of friends and family will always question your choice of career (temporary or permanent). It’s only natural that their curious questioning makes you question yourself. But, remember, that’s their problem, not yours. Loving what you do makes you a better you.

Don’t set unrealistic goals
A lot of us become despondent when we set high goals for ourselves and then don’t meet them. It makes us feel horrible and whatever love we did have for our job begins to slowly fade. Set goals that are reasonable and celebrate your achievements once you surpass them.

Embrace instead of settle
Okay, so maybe you’re not working your dream job. It doesn’t mean that you’re settling for the one you currently have. Telling yourself that you settled is instilling failure. Instead, why not embrace your current job situation? Become the best at whatever it is that you do and take pride in that.

Look, we spend a lot of time at our jobs. We can either spin negativity all day or love what we do. I put my money on love.

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