February 3, 2012

Best Apps for Your Active Lifestyle

Let’s face it. You’re busy. Thankfully, technology has caught up with your hectic lifestyle and has given you the gift of apps. Some of which were specifically designed to keep up with your active days (and nights) and make it a breeze to do so.

Citrix GoToMeeting – You can now host your own online meetings with one click. The GoToMeeting app makes it super easy to get everyone together without the hassle of travel. Meetings can be schedule ahead of time or at a moment’s notice. All meetings are recorded for your record and afterwards can be posted for viewing on your company website or any third-party video host. Note: one disadvantage is a 500 attendee limitation.

Join.me – Need to share your screen quickly with a few people? That’s a cinch. Download the join.me app, give them a 9-digit code and they can view your desktop, laptop, etc.  No more emailing Webex or Go-To-Meeting invites to multiple people ahead of time.  On the fly meetings that can be quick, easy and convenient.

AroundMe – Think of this genius app like your neighborhood know-it-all. It knows the nearest gas station, the closest bank, the coffee shop around the corner, the print shop down the street. Basically, AroundMe is in tune with every business around you, according to category and distance. No more freaking out about where to get your caffeine fix or your car fixed in an area you’re unfamiliar with. Love it.

Mint – See all of your dollars in one place with the Mint app. Anything that’s money related (bank account, savings, retirement, etc.) is automatically pulled together and stored in one spot. Mint allows you to see and keep track of all your financials together, instead of having all of that important information scattered. You can also set financial goals and budgets with Mint to keep you on track.

Evernote – Using Evernote is like having a twin brain that remembers all the cool stuff you saw that day or things you said you’d do that your other brain already forgot about. Saw a recipe in a mag? Just take a photo and it’s stored. Met your favorite author? Take notes of the glorious day and the memory is saved. Plus, Evernote syncs with all of your computers, so your information is stored and available on all of your devices. You’ll wonder how you ever made it through your day without it.

Plaxo – Your contacts are your life. Whether personal or professional, having your contacts with you is a no-brainer. Plaxo mobile apps are a must for maintaining your valuable contacts with the comfort of knowing your list is updated and ready to go. Sync your contacts or share your contact card with colleagues, friends and family so they always have the most up-to-date info. Stop fumbling around and connect with Plaxo.

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