August 3, 2011

Plaxo’s Widget for Websites Will Retire October 31

As we continue to focus on making your address book as up-to-date and accurate as possible, we’re taking a hard look at services that we’ve offered historically that are not a core part of that vision. One such service is the Plaxo Address Book Widget for websites; which since 2006 has been providing websites a free way to import address books. When first introduced there were no other solutions available but since then the technology used has become out-of-date (e.g. industry has moved to oAuth based authentication for login). Now that there are fully supported offerings from other companies utilizing more modern technologies we have decided to retire the Plaxo Address Book Widget instead of spending resources updating it.

We therefore will retire our widget in 3 months as of October 31, 2011 and effective immediately will no longer provide customer support for the current widget.

Current Users of Plaxo’s Widget
As a result, any website currently using the Plaxo Widget should transition to another solution for handling email address imports. In an effort to help make this transition easier for our widget users, we’ve worked with Cloud Sponge, who provides a similar address book overlay widget, to accept any interested Plaxo Widget customers. In many ways their solution is better than the one we’ve provided as it already utilizes the latest oAuth permission model, offers a RESTful API, and supports imports from services not provided by our widget: Microsoft Hotmail, Mac OS X, and iOS.

Transition to CloudSponge and Receive a FREE Trial
As part of the easy transition process, CloudSponge is offering a special 3-month free trial to Plaxo Widget customers (promo code: PLAXO). They have produced a quick one-minute video on how to make the switch painlessly with minimal changes to your code.

This change has no impact to address books hosted on, Plaxo Platinum Sync or Plaxo Personal Assistant customers and only impacts other websites’ use of the Plaxo Address Book Widget for imports.  Current Plaxo customers will not be affected.

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  • James V

    After the Widget is retired, does that mean the widget will no longer run nor function or does that mean that customer support for the widget will cease only? I have a number of plugins integrated with this handy widget that will likely take some re engineering to work with other solutions.

  • Henry

    why you getting retired , we people want you , guys can’t wait for your next update i want to use plaxo address book. :-(