April 8, 2011

Free Auto-Updates to Your Address Book

Last month, we launched Plaxo Personal Assistant, an innovative premium service that proactively scans your address book to identify out-of-date, missing, and incorrect contact info, and automatically sources and verifies current, accurate replacement data.

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about Personal Assistant and the benefits our premium subscribers are realizing as a result of the service’s automation and intelligence. What we haven’t talked about are our free address book auto-updates, which all Plaxo members benefit from today, even though many of you don’t know they exist!

By default, every time one of the contacts in your address book updates his or her Contact Card, which contains their complete contact information, your address book is automatically updated with the new data. When this action occurs, Plaxo alerts you with a notification in the Recent Activity section of the Home page.

The beauty of an auto-updated address book is you don’t have to lift a finger to bring your contacts up-to-date. The drawback is your address book becomes better informed than you because as your friends and colleagues move, change jobs, and add communication services, you are not exposed to the actual updates themselves.

Plaxo’s customization tools offer a middle ground that proactively presents contact info updates to you and involves you in the address book updating process by requiring review and acceptance of new data.

Plaxo Menus

Setting up your Plaxo address book to enable contact review is quick and easy:

    1.    Login to Plaxo, and click your name in the upper-right corner of any screen to access the drop menu.
    2.    Click the Settings option to access the Settings page.
    3.    Click Address Book in the Settings menu to access Address Book Settings.
    4.    By default, there’s a checkmark in the “Automatically accept updated information…” option. Click the box to remove the checkmark.
    5.    Click Save.

Going forward, when one of your contacts updates his or her Contact Card, the notification will appear in the For Your Review section of the Home page.

Update Alerts
When you have a pending update, click Review Contacts to review the new data. On the Contact Review page, you’ll have the opportunity to accept the change or leave things the way they are.

Contact Review
Free auto-updates are just one way Plaxo keeps your address book accurate, organized, and reliable. Explore our complete features yourself and stay tuned for more tutorials and highlights.

As always, we look forward to receiving and addressing your feedback.

The Plaxo Team

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  • John Mcmurtrie

    A question – how does use of auto update and de-duper impact on mailing groups held for emailing different groups of people ?

    • http://www.prestonsmalley.com Preston Smalley

      Hi John–
      If two contacts that belong to different groups are merged then by default the new contact will belong to both groups–so it shouldn’t change who receives the mailing.

  • Simon

    Plaxo automatically deletes my Diary dates every third month. How can I stop this.?