February 25, 2011

Introducing Plaxo Platinum Sync

Plaxo Premium is now Plaxo Platinum Sync!

Originally, we introduced Plaxo Premium as an advanced version of our free address book with cutting-edge features like de-duplication and mobile contact synchronization.

But today, thanks to our renewed focus on address book and dedication to our core members, the free Plaxo Basic address book looks a lot like yesterday’s Plaxo Premium – complete with free access to De-duper and iPhone sync.
User Post of the Week: RT @davidgaw: De-Duper Now Available for All Plaxo Users – Cool. It’s a nice tool.

Meanwhile, we’ve leveraged our industry-leading expertise in real-time, bi-directional synchronization to continually expand our address book sync functionality and device compatibility, resulting in the #1 address book sync solution.

So Platinum Sync is more than a rebranding exercise. It’s a commitment to you that Plaxo will continue to provide the world’s best online address book for free in addition to innovative, valuable extensions.

Looking forward, we are aggressively working against a dynamic product roadmap to support our free and paid services. Among other things, we look forward to bringing you improvements to our sync download clients for Outlook and Mac as well as improved address book intelligence and webmail support beyond Gmail/Google Contacts.

As always, we look forward to receiving and addressing your feedback.

The Plaxo Team

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Redgee Capili

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  • http://www.gadgetguy.de Anonymous

    Eh… I’m confused.

    So what’s new now for Premium users, do I need to upgrade something?
    What about Google Apps sync (it’s not that the API is different to normal GMail sync…)

    • http://www.prestonsmalley.com Preston Smalley

      As for Google Apps sync we do want to extend the same support we already have for GMail. While yes it’s the same Portable Contacts API between the two platforms there are some subtle differences in the authorization mechanism we need to work out first.

  • http://blog.plaxo.com Redgee Capili

    If you’re a Premium user, there’s nothing to do. We’re simply committing more resources to improve and expand our sync offering. As for Google, what did you have in mind? What would you like to see besides the current GMail addressbook and calendar 2-way sync?

  • http://www.saltedlolly.com Olly S

    The lack of Google Apps sync is a major draw back for me. It essentially renders the syncing feature useless to me since most of my email/calendar work is done in Google Apps. There is really no incentive to upgrade when I can’t sync this stuff to my Mac.

  • Dan

    I have asked for – begged for – a fix to recurring appointments for years. Probably 5 years. I have contacted Redgee. I have spoken with and e-mailed Redgee but now he is non-responsive. I have had great dialogue with Adrian who was incredibly helpful. Everyone acknowledges that Recurring Appointments in Outlook don’t sync correctly – why can’t you fix this? It has been on your list as a problem for YEARS. Please – fix it. What am I paying for??? I have been a premium customer since the very beginning.

    Please be more customer-centric and fix this problem? You now own NBCU. They have lots of recurring appointments over there. They change all the time. Wouldn’t it be great if all NBCU employees could rely on Plaxo to help them with their calendar? Thank u.