January 28, 2011

Plaxo, Everywhere You Need It

10 months ago, in his first post on the Plaxo blog, newly appointed CEO Justin Miller made a renewed commitment to deliver the market-leading address book – a single-source address book that’s smart, secure, and available everywhere you need it.

Bi-directional sync is a pillar of our mission, as this functionality enables you to access and manage a comprehensive, consistent address book from any supported device.

Plaxo, Everywhere You Need It

Over the past several months, we launched a number of features and enhancements that move Plaxo closer to Justin’s vision:

For the complete list of Plaxo sync points and setup instructions, go to the Sync Dashboard.

Of course, a commitment to market-leadership is a commitment to continued innovation and support, and that includes staying in touch with our users and doing our best to address your needs.

User Post of the Week: RT @cmbfilho: Quer uma ferramenta definitiva para a gestão de contatos? Use o @plaxo transferi meus contatos do android pro iPhone

In upcoming posts, we’ll announce some exciting enhancements to our core address book.

We look forward to your feedback,
The Plaxo Team
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  • http://www.facebook.com/kevinbaggs Kevin Baggs

    Love the product but $60/year is too much.

    • http://www.prestonsmalley.com Preston Smalley

      If we kept the price the same, what else would you like from a service like ours to make it worth it to you?

      • Anonymous

        Just doing the things you say you can already do would be a good start. Google calendar sync has never worked correctly for many people, including me. Acknowledged by customer support, but not by promotional material like this blog post.

  • http://www.gadgetguy.de Anonymous

    The biggest lack of functionality is sync with Google Apps Contacts – any date for this…?

    • http://www.prestonsmalley.com Preston Smalley

      We do have Google Apps support slated as we migrate our Google Import and Sync tools over to oAuth. No date yet but it’s coming soon.

  • Dan

    Biggest lack of functionality is simple and well known by Plaxo: RECURRING APPOINTMENTS DON’T SYNC CORRECTLY. It’s that simple – recurring appointments do not sync correctly. You know it, we know it, I know it. Very easy example: have someone send you a recurring appointment (say, weekly). Now, have them send you a one-time change (Tue @ 9 a.m. becomes Wed @ 9 a.m.). The Tue @ 9 a.m. will stay on your calendar. Wed won’t appear at all.

    Plaxo has known about this for years – when will you get around to fixing it. It cannot be rocket science.