September 1, 2009

In Preparation for Greater Openness and Interoperability

As an industry, we are collectively transitioning from the walled garden phase of social networking to an era characterized by openness and interoperability between social websites. In recent months, we’ve shown how much better things can be when websites work well together, while keeping the user in control. Now, we’re laying the foundation to enable even more interoperability later this year, this time between Plaxo and some of the other Websites within the Comcast Interactive Media (CIM) family.
Just as today we allow folks to sign up and sign in to Plaxo using identities from external websites, later this year we will allow you to sign up or sign in to Plaxo with an identity from other specified Comcast Websites. To do that, we are taking steps now to create a unified Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for the participating CIM Websites, including Plaxo, to provide consistent protection and to minimize complexity and confusion for our users.
The new Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will go into effect on October 6th, 2009. Those familiar with the details of our current terms and policies will find the new ones share many of the same core privacy principles and spirit of user control. We remain strongly committed to the notion that your data and content are yours (not ours). For more info, check out this posting from Comcast’s Chief Blogger, Scott McNulty.
Current Privacy Policy and ToS
Updated Privacy Policy and ToS
John McCrea
VP of Marketing

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