July 22, 2009

Introducing My Career, a free set of professional network tools, featuring Company Navigator, an interactive dashboard for your extended network

The next time you sign into Plaxo, you’ll see we’ve added a “My Career” tab. Click on it, and you’ll find a free set of professional tools that will help you get more out of your investment in Plaxo (now and over time).
One of the most powerful of these new tools, the Company Navigator, an interactive dashboard for your extended network, just went live this afternoon. This unique tool enables you for the first time to see and navigate a company-based view into your first- and second-degree network (inclusive of your connections, their connections, and the people in your address book). Discover the reach of your network, company by company, sorted by how many people you know there (or by company name).

Plaxo My Career

For Plaxo members in the U.S., the My Career tools also include Job Search, which can connect you to over 3 million career opportunities, and Social Job Listings, which turbo-charge job listings with the “social power” of the sharer’s network. These features are powered by SimplyHired, the largest job search engine, through a partnership we announced earlier this year.
Whether you’re looking for your next opportunity, looking to hire great talent, or just keen on strengthening your network, My Career has something for every professional. You’ll find tools to help you:
– Grow and nurture your professional network
– Build your personal brand
– Become more find-able
– Navigate your extended network
– Discover career opportunities
– Hire great talent
Investing in your professional network is always a good idea, but it is vitally important in an economic downturn. Now, with the My Career tools, it has never been easier to build up, nurture, and leverage yours. Get started now at www.plaxo.com/myCareer.
John McCrea
vp of marketing

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