June 4, 2008

Yahoo sync: it’s back and better than ever!

I’m happy to inform you that Yahoo sync is back, thanks to a new API just announced by Yahoo! It is now once again possible for you to turn on address book sync between Yahoo and Plaxo. To activate Yahoo address book sync go to:


And if you had this feature turned on at some time in the past, you can now re-activate that sync point. Just follow this simple process:
Step 1: Login into Plaxo and bring up your address book.

Step 2: Click on your Yahoo endpoint to initiate the re-authentication process.

A window will pop up where you can sign in to Yahoo, accept their terms of service, and authorize Plaxo to access your address book.
Step 3: Once the re-authentication process is completed, then you can trigger synchronization to Yahoo. Click on “Manage” to bring up the options lightbox.

Step 4: Inside the light box, click “Sync Now”.

If you have hundreds of contacts being synced from Plaxo to Yahoo, be aware that is can take up to twenty four hours before seeing your contacts appear in Yahoo for the first-time sync.
For everyone who has been eagerly awaiting for the return of this feature, thanks so much for your patience. I think you’ll be pleased with the result, as the new Yahoo Address Book API will make sync a much more robust offering.
And of course, we’re still not done. We’re working harder than ever on new features to bring your address book to life.
–Mark Hashimoto, Server Engineer (and honorary technical yahoo by now!)

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