June 4, 2008

Yahoo! Releases Address Book API; Naturally, Plaxo is already live with it!

This morning, Yahoo! announced the public availability of its Address Book API, and we’re excited to announce that Plaxo is among the first sites with a live implementation. This new API has made it possible for us to re-launch a very popular feature – automated bi-directional address book sync between Yahoo! and Plaxo! (Wow! That’s a lot of exclamation points.)
This is another great move from Yahoo!, who has been showing real leadership in the area of data portability and opening up the Social Web. It follows on the heels of Yahoo! becoming an OpenID provider. (We were glad to be a launch partner for that, too.)
The next phase of the Web will be enabled by empowering users with control over their data, and the ability to let them use within the tools, services, and devices they choose. The Yahoo! Address Book API is a great step in that direction, giving users access to their address book data – and without having to give up their username and password to a third-party site. (And we’re particularly excited to see Yahoo’s continued commitment to supporting open standards; sounds like OAuth support is on the way!)
If you’re a Plaxo user and want to set up (or re-activate) sync with Yahoo!, here’s a post with the instructions.
Joseph Smarr
Chief Platform Architect

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