June 11, 2008

Plaxo and FriendConnect are now Best Friends

Plaxo is now fully integrated with FriendConnect–Google’s widget-based tool for socially enabling any web site. This means on any site running FriendConnect, you can now securely connect your Plaxo account, see which of your contacts are also on that site, and invite any of your contacts to join that site. And, perhaps coolest of all, you can choose to have any activities you share on that site flow back into Pulse, so your Plaxo connections can keep in touch with you across the web and discover new sites you’ve found.
This is a truly useful and exciting integration–it’s the closest we’ve come yet to a seamless social web ecosystem, in which users can take their identity and relationships with them across the web, find the people they know at a new site, and share activity back with their existing contacts, creating a virtuous cycle of more social discovery and sharing. This is how the social web should work–rather than having to start from scratch every time you try a new social site (which is still the norm for most sites today), each new experience you have should enrich the others.
This only works when services give their users control over their data and provide them with secure access using open standards. And that’s exactly what Plaxo is doing with FriendConnect. When you connect your Plaxo account, we’re using OAuth so you don’t have to give out your Plaxo password, and you can always choose to revoke access later. And when you share activity from FriendConnect back into Pulse, we’re using the OpenSocial 0.8 RESTful Activites API. The only custom integration right now is with our address book API, and we’re already working with the community to develop an open standard for that piece of the puzzle too. We firmly believe that acting as an Identity Provider, Social Graph Provider, and Content Aggregator–that is, letting our users take their data and relationships with them across the web and share data back from anywhere–is good for users, good for Plaxo, and good for the Web. And we’re just getting started–stay tuned for additional enhancements, including more fine-grained control over which of your family, friends, and business network you want to connect with on other sites, and who you want to see your shared activity from FriendConnect sites!
Here are some screen shots of Plaxo’s integration with Google FriendConnect–or you can experience it for yourself on any FriendConnect-powered site.

Plaxo in FriendConnect #1

Plaxo in FriendConnect #2

Plaxo in FriendConnect #3

Plaxo in FriendConnect #4

Plaxo in FriendConnect #5

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