May 22, 2008

The Plaxo Directory Is Now Live

Last month we added one of the key features that had been missing from our spin on social networking, the ability to search for people. We want to make Pulse a comfortable and enjoyable experience for mainstream users around the world. So, out of respect for user privacy, we decided to make the directory 100% opt in. The only profiles in our directory are from members who explicitly opted to be included in the directory.
Now that over a million of our members have opted-in, we’re now ready to open the doors on the directory. It’s available at Over time, the directory will keep getting better, as more of our 20 million (and rapidly growing) member base opts-in. We’re initially launching in English, with more languages to come.
As the directory will be indexed by Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines, we chose to make your default public profile page fairly minimal. You can customize your public profile page to show any and all (or none) of your Plaxo profile. For example, you can choose whether to show your educational history, your professional history, or your interests. You can also create an easy-to-remember URL that you can print on your business card, like (it’s printed on mine). To get started, go to your public profile settings page.
Of course, if you change your mind and decide not to be listed, opting out is as simple as going to your settings and turning off People Search.
Hong Kwon
Product Manager

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