May 19, 2008

Data Ownership: Empowering The Plaxo User

With the recent announcement that Plaxo has signed an agreement to be acquired by Comcast, I’ve been receiving a few emails from members asking, “What will happen to my data?” So I thought I’d address that with a quick blogpost.
The short answer is that the same privacy protections that you have now will remain in place after the acquisition closes. Plaxo will remain as an independent subsidiary of Comcast, with all of the current management team (I will continue to serve as Plaxo’s Chief Privacy Officer). The Plaxo privacy policy is a legally-binding document which limits how your data may be used; it is also legally binding upon anyone who acquires Plaxo. This policy will remain in force following the acquisition and any data you have provided Plaxo will continue to be covered.
The privacy policy explicitly states that following a business transition (e.g. an acquisition) your information will continue to only be used in the manner specified by the privacy policy in effect at the time when that data was collected. If Plaxo wants to use your data in a different manner we are required to notify you as to the change; you will have a choice as to whether your data may be used in this manner. You will continue to have the ability to control your communications preferences (i.e. you can opt-out of receiving any promotional offers) and you will retain the ownership of your data, as well as the ability to delete your data at any time.
Many of us take for granted the words written in the privacy policies of the websites we visit. But I do encourage you to read ours here so that you can see the choices and empowerment we provide our users. You can also read more about what this acquisition means to you, as written by an independent watchdog group, TRUSTe. For the past several years, both Plaxo and Comcast have voluntarily agreed to have TrustE review their privacy practices for compliance. TRUSTe also provides a free service to our users to mediate any disputes involving their privacy rights and data.
Although Plaxo will be a Comcast subsidiary, we will remain independent – having our own privacy policy, keeping the same management and employees, and continuing the evolution of the address book. The acquisition does not change the Plaxo you already know, except that we look forward to providing more services and features for our users. By becoming a part of Comcast, we believe that we can make our services significantly better for all of our users.
We hope that you will continue to enjoy the services you’re getting from Plaxo, and we intend to keep making them better. But if at any time you no longer wish to be a member of the Plaxo network, you can delete your account at any time – and delete the personal data you have entrusted to us.
If you have any questions, concerns or feedbacks, please feel free to contact me at redgee @t or visit the Privacy and Security section in our community forums and join a public discussion – I’ll see you there.
Redgee Capili
Sr. Director Client Services &
Chief Privacy Officer

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