July 1, 2007

All-new Plaxo – the Building

Well, as crazy as it sounds, we decided to move our office the same week we were launching Plaxo 3.0!
The new office is really great. It’s bigger, with lots of room to for now and for future growth. It’s all ours, not just a floor of a shared multi-story complex. And it’s not next door to Google, so we don’t have to fret about when they will buy the building!
There’s a lot of excitement at Plaxo these days, with a totally new version of the service, rave reviews from the press, a very interesting jump in user growth, and a new office. Why, it practically feels like a new company.
Of course, if you know people here, and you use Plaxo, you already know that our new address if 203 Ravendale, Mountain View, because your smart address book would have already been updated — automatically and quietly. (Now, if only I can figure out how to get the address and logo updated on this blog!)
Here are a few shots I took on Friday…

The all-new Plaxo office: Open, with Good Natural Light

The space has lots of natural light pouring in from the sides.
The all-new Plaxo office: Lots of Room

There’s plenty of room for everyone — and lots of unused space, ready for future growth — or parties!
The all-new Plaxo office: Lots of Seating Options

There are plenty of seating options, ranging from the zebra bench, to the big blue ball (that’s Cam’s choice), to the more conventional office chairs.
The all-new Plaxo office: Transportation Options

And what Web 2.0 office would be complete without an electric scooter to accelerate the pace of collaboration? I’m sure it will lead to a hilarious mashup in meat-space at some point!

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  • Jonathan Albright

    I’m looking forward to the new Plaxo bits! When I see that office space I can’t help but think about Tom DeMarco an his opinions of office spaces in Peopleware. I saw someone on the phone and at a couple of headphone wearers. Hopefully everyone is getting enough “brain time” to keep producing good bits for plaxo! ;-)