April 24, 2007

Thunderbird 2 – Reclaim Your Plaxo

Congrats to Mozilla for releasing version 2.0 of their Thunderbird e-mail client! Throughout the beta period we’ve been receiving queries from our users on when we’d be supporting this new version. Well one of our engineers got this up and running pretty quick, so now we’re pleased to present the new version of the add-on with support for Tbird 2.0.

The new Thunderbird add-on is now available at http://www.plaxo.com/downloads, so check it out, and let us know what you think!

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Redgee Capili

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  • Jeff Rutherford

    What’s the status of Plaxo for Mac Mail? I just switched to a MacBook after YEARS of working on PCs. There are a lot more switchers out there, and I’d love to have Plaxo working for Mac Mail and Safari.

  • http://blog.plaxoed.com Mark Jen

    Hey Jeff, you can get Plaxo for Mac at:
    And that will sync Plaxo to your OS X Address Book (which is what Mac Mail uses for contacts).
    Also, we’re working on some cool new stuff too; which should be ready in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

  • http://www.martins.eng.br Alessandro Martins

    Thanks for supporting Thunderbird 2! :-)

  • carl

    Very nice to see a new release of plaxo extension for thunderbird! However, from this blogpost it’s difficult to see if there are any improvements or bugfixes in the updated extension. Are any of the issues discussed in the forum adressed? thanks

  • bryan

    This is a fairly small update, but there are a couple of bug fixes in here mostly related to syncing. If you do run into any issues though, please let us know – an e-mail to support should work ok…

  • Mand

    Does the Thunderbird extension work under Linux? Having Plaxo sync with Windows, Mac and Linux would rock my world—since I work on all three platforms at home, school and the office.