April 24, 2007

Alright folks, that’s a WAP

Although we’re all really busy working on the new Plaxo 3.0 we still make sure to schedule time for our beloved Haxos. During this past Haxo, Garret fixed up a new mobile version of Plaxo he’d been working on and it’s now ready for users to try. It’s built as a WAP 2.0 app and was very quick to develop using our new Plaxo 3.0 APIs and PHP. In the current version you can access all your data (calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes), see the current weather, and search for contacts. You can even add tasks and notes (events & contacts coming soon!) so you can jot things down when away from your computer.
Since this isn’t an official product, you may find bugs or areas that need improvement. It’s even possible that it won’t work at all on your phone (especially if it’s an older model). Good or bad, please let us know how it works for you by posting in the new Plaxo Mobile Google Group or sending us an e-mail at labs-mobile@plaxo.com.
Happy WAPping!
Mark Jen
Product Line Manager

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  • nick

    This is cool, I definitely like since I haven’t seen much in the way of a Palm OS / Treo product from Plaxo Mobile, this really is cool. Thanks guys keep the great stuff coming!

  • http://blog.plaxoed.com Mark Jen

    Hey Nick, thanks for the comment! We’re hoping to add even more stuff to the labs page in the next week too. Stay tuned!

  • Andrew

    Any word on when Plaxo 3 Beta is going to open up? I haven’t heard anything since the confirmation e-mail.

  • http://blog.plaxoed.com Mark Jen

    Hey Andrew, we’re getting real close now. Should be about a week :)