October 3, 2006

15 million members, straight from the rabbit’s mouth

During our recent Haxo day I decided to help one of our less productive employees contribute more to the company. For the past few months we’ve had a Nabaztag keeping us company by our desks. He’s a little plastic rabbit who connects to wifi and can be configured from the web. It can check your email, tell you the weather, let you know how the stock market is doing, and even practice Tai Chi. We thought it’d be really cool to have him read out Plaxo statistics every day, especially since we knew the 15 million member milestone was approaching quickly. Luckily for us, this guy has an open API you can use to send him text to read and directions to position his ears.
After only a week of practice he announced that we’d reached 15 million members. Swoot! In celebration, and since we enjoy the sound of his voice so much, we thought it’d be fun to let you send him messages too. We welcome compliments as well as criticisms.
So go ahead, send us a message!
Update: Thanks to everyone that sent us a message so far! By now, everyone in the office knows all-too-well the Nabaztag’s “I’m about to announce a message” melody! :) Keep ‘em coming. Here’s a selection of the messages we’ve received so far:

  • Hooray for over-priced wifi-enabled geek toys.
  • Get back to work and stop messing around. You’ve got 15 mill subscribers to support.
  • Do you really hear this in your actual office?
  • Mark Foley was framed!
  • I wonder how long before you turn this off …..
  • thanks for the great product (ical/vcal support please)
  • So what’s the ratio of plaxo spam emails sent out to number of users?
  • You should write a Plaxo calendar module for Google home pages.
  • Hey guys, You rock, Congratulations
  • Who’s in the office so late? ;) Thank Mark Jen for this!
  • Congrats Plaxo, it is nice to see you grow.
  • Please tell your users how the Hip Cal integration is going!

But our favorite message so far came from the Nabaztag creators themselves (I wonder how they found out):

Hello, it’s Marvel in Paris from Violet, we wanted to congratulate you on your achievements.
What is Plaxo exactly about ? Did you look out the window of your office today ?
By the way what is the name of your Nabaztag ? Take good care of each of you. Aurevoir !

In response, Plaxo is a “smart address book” (learn more), yes we did look out the window today, and our Nabaztag’s name is jsmarr. Thanks for asking, and thanks for making such a cool and lovable gadget!!

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  • http://www.bladam.com/ Adam

    I was all over this cool entry, until I saw the name you’ve given your Nabaztag. “jsmarr”?! Oh, for crying out loud! :o I mean, Joseph’s a heck of a cool guy and all, but surely you could have put your collective plaxian brains together and come up with something better?
    – Roger or Jessica (as in, Roger or Jessica Rabbit)
    – Raxo
    – Budgee
    – Pocket
    – Jack
    I eagerly await the renaming. And I think you should put out a press release when that is accomplished. Thank you for your consideration.
    A devoted Plaxo user and lover of rabbits and good names

  • http://www.plaxo.com Joseph Smarr

    Touche! The Nabaztag was an (awesome) xmas gift from my dad, so it got named before I “donated” it to Plaxo (that is, before I brought it to work to annoy all my cow-orkers, heh).

  • Larry

    Joseph–I have to agree with Adam that an internet node as unique as your rabbit needs a cool name. Some more suggestions:
    Smaxo (after the rabbit’s owner)
    Blaxo (in memory of blue rab)