September 22, 2006

Video now online for Plaxo’s talk at Mashup University

Plaxo talk at Mashup University
The good folks at Mashup Camp have put videos online from all the talks at Mashup University. I gave a talk on behalf of Plaxo about how to use our widget and APIs to make a “smart address book mashup” on any web site. I had previously posted my slides, and now you can watch the entire talk (.mov, 77.5MB)!
What we said back then in June is even more true today–almost every web site these days is using address book info (sharing content, inviting friends, social networking, etc.) and for most of these sites, building a hotmail auto-import or Outlook plug-in is probably the last thing they want to do. This is exactly why mashups are such a good idea. For instance, at Plaxo we use Yahoo! Maps instead of trying to build our own mapping solution. Not only does it save us work, we’d never be able to do as good a job because it’s not our core focus. Similarly, most web sites should consider using Plaxo’s widget and APIs instead of trying to build yet-another-address-book.
–Joseph Smarr

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