June 9, 2006

On the road to HipCalifornia – Day 4

Salt Lake City was a welcome stop after the tedious, 8-hour, drive from Sidney, Nebraska which consisted almost entirely of the state of Wyoming. When checking into our hotel we were told that no pets over 45lbs were allowed so Silent Chris had to stay in the car (we made sure to leave the windows open a crack). While heading up to our rooms we came across an elevator which continued moving down after the doors had already opened, so we decided to take the stairs.

According to Wikipedia the capital of Utah is said to contain over 1,500 people per square mile, but every street, sidewalk and store seemed entirely deserted. We began to wonder if we’d missed an important evacuation notice on the way in. The fact that every building had been rebuilt four years ago for the Olympics added to the awkward feeling we had while walking around. Since an indoor pool and hot tub were waiting for us back at the hotel, we quickly ate and hurried back. Unfortunately, a very grumpy man kicked us out after 20 minutes so he could lock up.
Tomorrow we head to Vegas to test our self control…
Garret Heaton, Software Engineer

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  • Chris Fierro

    I’m guessing it was a Sunday?
    Sunday + Salt Lake City = No downtown action
    (should have took a car up one of the canyons!)
    Chris “SLC Lifer” Fierro