June 8, 2006

On the road to HipCalifornia – Day 3

After waking up at 9am and purchasing our hearty Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast, we began our trek from Chicago to Nebraska – easily the most boring 12 hours of our trip. Once we were through the bizarre tolls of Iowa and Illinois, paying 80 cents every 10 minutes, the long, long journey truly began. Halfway through Iowa, we made a quick stop at the “Largest Truckstop in the World” before grudgingly returning to our cars for the next 400 miles.

HipCal Trip Route

For dinner, our target was a dine-in Sonic located in Grand Island, Nebraska. Although we have been subjected to Sonic’s national advertising for several years, we have never had an opportunity to actually eat at one, since the nearest one to Troy is hundreds of miles away. The stop was well worth it: push-button ordering, prompt service, easy debit card payment, and dozens of drink options made our experience one to remember. Unfortunately, the next five hours spent on I-80 to Sidney, NE was perhaps the most uneventful, mind-numbing drive in the whole trip. Upon arriving in Sidney, we promptly checked in at a local Holiday Inn (four to a single room) and fell asleep to prepare for tomorrow’s trip to Salt Lake City. Even though the trip is fun, we can’t wait to get to Plaxo.
Chris Rivers, Server Engineer

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  • Jonathan Schultz

    “…bizarre tolls of Iowa…”
    Are you sure you went through a toll in Iowa? I’m not aware of any tolls on I-80 in Iowa.

  • http://www.downeffect.com 2bq

    You guys were at the largest truck stop in the world and you didn’t call me? Jerks. I hate you all.