June 6, 2006

On the road to HipCalifornia – Day 1

After loading our meager possessions (a Ron Popeil food dehydrator included) onto the moving truck and saying goodbye to our 3-legged kitty Wobbles …we set off on our voyage to Plaxo in Mountain View, California. Our first day of driving would be 13 hours to Chicago. We went to the RPI student union to spend what was left of the money in my student account (it turns out that I had zero). When we walked out to our cars, Garret and I found freshly written parking tickets on our windshields. Not a great way to start off the first 5 minutes of our trip ☺. The drive was mostly uneventful until around 10pm somewhere in Ohio. In the road was what was left of a deer who had had an unfortunate accident with a previous motorist. But that didn’t stop Chris “Deer Slayer” Rivers. Thump Thump. That deer just couldn’t catch a break. The Slayer denies any hostility towards our woodland creatures but we’ll make sure nothing like that happens again.
We drove into Chicago and found our Best Western on East Ohio Street. After parking and trying to check in, we were told that we were at the wrong Best Western…ours was 5 blocks down the street. I’m not sure how there could possibly be two Western’s that have been considered the “Best” in the same city but I have alerted the company and I’m sure the error will be fixed. We got to our rooms and did something we had always wanted, watched Law & Order in a different timezone. Cross that off the lifelong to-do list. Tomorrow we’ll be spending the day in Chicago before heading off across the Midwest.
Pete Curley, Product Manager

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