June 16, 2006

How Long Blues

From the “what’s life without a passion outside work” files… I’ve been working for the past three years on learning to play the piano and accompany myself singing (I’ve been singing for many years now, since learning Indian music as a child). It’s been a great challenge; learning a complex instrument, a new genre of music (the blues and jazz), and singing while playing.
Anyway, my teacher had her annual student recital yesterday, and I sang and played “How Long Blues.” It’s tradtional blues, first popularized (I think) by Big Bill Broonzy. This version is an improvised arrangement I created for piano and vocal, based on a version by Big Joe Turner and Pete Johnson.
Here’s the video:

Would love your feedback. Hope you enjoy it!
Swami, VP of Business Development

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  • http://www.robertmowery.com Rob Mowery

    Very impressive for only playing 3 years. You are better then people I have seen playing 10+ years.
    Def. a cool diversion from work. Best wishes for future success.

  • Nick

    Pretty good! When are you opening at Shoreline???

  • http://www.plaxo.com Devaraj

    It was really good! Awesome.

  • http://www.sorelle-ramonda-vicenza.espana.lubin.pl Markus

    Good job!

  • harold johnson

    Love your music,one of my all time favorite pieses.Would really like to know if you have heard Butch Thompsons version of “how long blues”? I have it on tape and the record.If you haven,t heard it your in for a real treat.Could even try to send it to but not have all the teck stuff to do that. Leroy Carr 1928.