June 13, 2006

Day 6 – A change in plans

Ring ring….ring ring…Hello? Hi it’s the moving truck man, we’re going to show up 3 days early…whuh-oh. We cut our trip short in Vegas and booked it to San Diego. Massive thunderstorms blocked the way but we didn’t let that get in the way of unloading our small kitchen appliances on time. We chose the Ramada Inn Limited based on their website which CLEARLY shows that Shamu (who seems to live forever and travel from SeaWorld to SeaWorld whenever I happen to be there) and his orca whale buddies would be joining us. No whales. Even Silent Chris’ best orca whale mating call couldn’t draw them out. We found solace at the Wendy’s across the street that could be easily accessed by running across 4 lanes of traffic in the middle of the night. Tomorrow we wake up early and head to the San Diego Zoo before driving 8 or so hours to our home in Mountain View.
Pete Curley, Product Manager

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