June 12, 2006

Day 5 – Viva Las Vegas!

Fat Elvis

With the $29/night deal at the South Coast hotel, we decided to splurge and get two rooms this time around. Pete and I decided to take it back to freshman year and share a room, while Glenn, Garret and S. Chris took the other.
We started off our day in Vegas with an early dosage of the slot machines while we waited for the Lunch Buffet to open up. While the slot machines entertained Silent Chris and Pete by doubling the money they put in and then slowly taking it away from them, Garret and I sat and kept pulling on the lever as it just kept eating away at whatever we fed it. Glenn was still recovering from the money he lost the night before in Poker.
After the buffet, we hopped onto the complimentary shuttle and went into the famous Las Vegas strip. While the Bellagio, Caesars, and Mandalay were great, we ended up sitting down at the Barbary Coast to enjoy their $2 drink specials and experience in first hand Elvis reincarnated as a 300 lbs man, otherwise known as Fat Elvis.
Half way through the show, we decided to move on and start heading back to the hotel to cool off in the pool, the weather outside was a beading 109 degrees. Although we initially planned to go back to the strip to check everything out at night, we decided to grab dinner and catch a movie (also part of the hotel+casino) instead and leave the night-time exploration for the following night.
P.S. Does anyone know of a good car carrier that can ship my car from New York to Mountain View? So far, the only company that has offered to ship it in a timely manner has over 200 complaints with the Better Business Bureau.
Tawheed Kader, Product Manager

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