May 31, 2006

While you’re sleeping

We’re guessing that most of you aren’t losing sleep at night wondering what Plaxo is doing for you. But wouldn’t it be nice to get a peek into the changes that are happening while you’re sleeping?
New Plaxo Activity SummaryWe just redesigned the quarterly My Plaxo summary so you can get an instant snapshot of all the activity that has taken place in your smart address book over the last 3 months.

Soon you should receive (if you haven’t already) a snazzy looking e-mail that gives you information about:

  • Your contact info: You can see your latest contact info and when you last updated it and edit it.
  • Upcoming birthdays: A list of upcoming birthdays for people in your address book and an easy way to send an eCard for delivery on the day of choice.
  • New connections: People you recently added to your address book or who recently joined Plaxo.
  • New info changes: See all the changes like new addresses, companies, job titles and phone numbers for the people in your address book.
  • New places you can use your smart address book: New partner sites on the web where you can directly access your Plaxo smart address book to do things like send e-mails, gifts and forward movies to your contacts seamlessly.

Of course, if you ever want to opt-out of receiving these e-mails, it’s really easy. There’s a little link at the bottom that takes you to your communication preferences.
But hopefully, you’ll find the quarterly My Plaxo summary useful and interesting and that it will give you a little “ah-a” moment where you say to yourself, “So that’s what Plaxo’s been doing for me all this time!”
Dassi Shusterman, Sr. Product Manager

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  • Nick Whittome

    You know, I was not wondering about this while I’ll were sleeping.
    I was wondering when you think that you will support Office 2007 Beta 2? I would love to see a blog post on this. :)