May 30, 2006

The blogeror’s new clothes

If you’ve been getting this blog via our feed, you probably haven’t noticed that we rolled out a new blog template. Our old template was prone to getting messed up when we tried to post large pictures and had a lot of chrome for a simple blog like ours, so we simplified!
Here’s our old template:

Old Plaxo Blog Template

And here’s the new template:
New Plaxo Blog Template

Hope you guys like it; if you’ve got suggestions we’d love to hear them! Also if you find any strange rendering bugs, please let us know so we can take care of them. Thanks!
Mark Jen, Product Manager

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  • Lee Bailey

    Wow, looks great! It’s amazing how much of a difference such a small change can make; while maintaining your original colors and general layout, the blog has a whole new feel.
    Regarding the “Plaxo Card” on the top of the right-side-bar: Is that a widget of some sort, or did you just code it up to look like a Plaxo Personal Info Card?
    Also, I might be missing this, but does Plaxo have some sort of community forum, or anything? It doesn’t look like very many people comment on the blog, relative to how many people must be interested in the project.

  • Mark Jen

    Hi Lee, Thanks for the compliments!
    The Plaxo Card on the top right hadn side is just a replication of a user’s information cards in the Plaxo application; it’s not a blog widget. However, we’re been thinking about creating such a widget/plug-in for Movable Type and WordPress.
    We also do have a forum available at
    Have a good day!