May 23, 2006

Ta-da! It’s Jajah!

At my parent’s home, you can always find a stack of calling cards next to the phone in the kitchen. It’s the cheapest way for them to keep in touch with their family in Vietnam. But calling cards have always been such a hassle. Minutes run out, some cards don’t work, and the rates really aren’t all that cheap. My mom was paying about $0.27/minute to call her niece in Vietnam with a calling card. Over the weekend, though, my sister and I got my mom to try her first international call via Plaxo Click to Call. She converted solely on the cost. At $0.16/min., she talked to her niece for longer and with no interruptions from minutes running out on her calling card. And she did it all from the convenience of her landline phone.
You, dear reader, can also find the Plaxo Click to Call button in your address book. It’s the easiest way to make inexpensive phone calls. By easy, I mean no headsets, no downloads, and no microphones. Just Plaxo, you, and your phone. And by inexpensive, I mean less than $0.0212/min to China, $0.0196/min to Germany, and only $.001/min in the US. You can check out the rest of the rates here. By partnering with Jajah, our members get the additional benefit of not having to remember or type in any phone numbers, and they always know the number they’re calling is up-to-date with Plaxo’s smart address book.
Here’s how you can initiate a call:

JAJAH in Outlook JAJAH in Plaxo Online
Jajah in Outlook
Jajah in Plaxo Online

  1. Go to your Plaxo Online address book or get the latest Plaxo plug-in for Outlook to make calls from your Outlook address book. (Plans are in the works to integrate with Outlook Express and our other clients too.)
  2. Decide who you want to call. Click on the purple button. (See picture above).
  3. Plaxo transfers the numbers to Jajah’s website.
  4. Hit the green “Place Call” button on Jajah’s website.
  5. THEN…

  6. Your phone rings.
  7. Your contact’s phone rings.
  8. And you can start chatting.

Mom doesn’t always “get” what I do at Plaxo, but now she sort of gets it and she likes it. Now, when she can’t get in touch with me on the weekends, she can call Vietnam :)
Janice (Hi, Mom!) Ta, Product Manager

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  • Alec Saunders

    We’d like to work with you on a partnership like this too. Would it be possible to speak with someone at Plaxo about this?

  • sam

    We have developed a Desktop phone buddy for Jajah, which will take the currently selected number in a windows application and dial the number using a hot key, plus redial and quick dial functionality.
    Great in a business environment, like ours…
    Download at
    please try out and give us feedback….

  • Nick Birman

    I have to protest. I find that many users of Plaxos have exposed information that I have given them in trust to others. This is unacceptable.
    Plaxos cannot guarantee that there is absolute security of that information which leaves me vulnerable to identity theft and other breaches of privacy.