April 14, 2006

We’re listening…

We love to read about people’s experience with Plaxo… good or bad. Here are a couple of recent mentions of Plaxo in the blogosphere:

We’d like to encourage people to share their thoughts, comments, and experience with Plaxo by blogging about it. We’re listening and will use the feedback to improve the Plaxo service. We’ll also try to highlight those posts here on our blog from time to time.

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Redgee Capili

General Manager, Plaxo.com

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  • http://www.pr-tech.net genc

    Hello Plaxo!
    Great product, service, company. Keep it up. Sorry haven’t read the discussions but I will say that the only thing missing on Plaxo for Mac is sync with the calendar :(
    Also I would suggest syncing with Google’s services, such as the calendar and gmail…

  • Jennifer Ross

    When is plaxo going to stop facilitating identity theft?
    I have been suffering for months from plaxo “introductions” of people I know and don’t know who have seen my email address in plaxo’s system, as a result of being placed in the system by a forger with an AOL account?
    Plaxo ignores all complaints sent by email to abuse@plaxo.com and privacy@plaxo.com. As a matter of fact, I bet email sent to both of those addresses are sent to /dev/null.
    I do not want any more plaxo spam telling me some stranger-friend-of-the-forger has added my email address to their plaxo buddy scam.
    I do not want any more of my friends asking me why I don’t add them to whatever-the-hell-product plaxo has that they use, because they’ve seen my email address registered in the plaxo whateverthehellspamiverse.
    All I want is for AOL and Plaxo to remove my fscking email address from their systems and databases and products and wherever the hell else the forger has fraudulently “provided” permssion.
    jesus christ!!!1111oneone

  • http://www.plaxo.com Stacy Martin

    Jennifer – I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. It does appear that another “Jenn” registered with Plaxo as part of enabling their Universal Address Book with AIM Triton. When that person filled out their Plaxo cards, they specified your email address, likely without realizing the implications. This was why you received a validation email from us.
    I also noticed that you did attempt to contact our support back in January when this occurred. We attempted to respond, but each time we did, the message bounced back from your mail server with the following error message:
    Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; host incoming.netdesign.com[] said:
    571 Passcode [5JhN4w==] required in subject line for user
    Apparently, your mail server was/is configured to reject mail without a specific header. Nonetheless, I’ve gone ahead and removed the Plaxo account registered with your email address. I hope this clears up the problem.

  • http://uplinked.us Lee Bailey

    Wowza, was just taking a peak at my own under-utilized blog, and noticed a trackback.
    Very cool of you, Stacy, and the whole Plaxo team, for being down-to-earth enough to not only listen to the little guy, but also promote his ideas in such a fassion.
    I’m in the middle of Cluetrain Manifesto right now, and the base-line philosophy is that being _human_ with your customers is the quickest way to success (and more importantly, loyalty). As far as I’m concerned, Plaxo takes the cake here.
    Keep up the awesome work, and cheers for such a great plug-in/service!

  • http://uplinked.us/articles/2006/04/23/plaxo_love uplinked.us


    Wow, that was nifty. I haven

  • http://link Carlton

    Keep a good work man!,