October 11, 2013

Plaxo Tips: Syncing Multiple Google Accounts

Many people use Plaxo to synchronize their contacts from different email providers and multiple devices. But how do you synchronize contacts from multiple Google Gmail accounts and how can Plaxo ensure that those address books remain in sync, updated, and accessible on your computer, mobile phone, and tablet? In this edition of Plaxo Tips, we’ll […]

July 25, 2013

Oh, this Twinkie thing, it ain’t over yet…

Sometime in early 2012, the beloved Twinkies snack disappeared from store shelves shortly followed by its sidekicks, Ding-Dongs and Ho-Hos.  By November of that year, Hostess Brands eventually followed the way of Compaq, Plymouth and Pan Am.  And along with it went America’s favorite snack food and comedic punchline – forever.  Or so it seemed. […]

December 24, 2012

It’s Not Too Late to Send Your Holiday Cards

The holidays are in full swing. Chances are you’ve been extra busy buying gifts, making sure travel arrangements are all taken care of, coming up with the big dinner menu, tying up any loose ends on the work front and reading all of your beautiful holiday cards. That’s when it hits you. You forgot to […]

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